Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's perfectly logical.... if your THREE.

6:58 am (pitter patter pitter patter, window blinds moving, pitter patter pitter patter;warm breath in my face)
in an audible whisper,"Mom,the light is outside, it's time to get up(cough, rattle, cough)I think I need medicine."

inaudible voice of overtired me,"I know I heard you coughing last night, let me feel your forehead are you warm?"

"I am sick like you mom, I need to take my bitamins and some orange medicine."

"Buddy, you aren't warm so you don't need the orange medicine. Do you want some cough syrup or a chewy Triaminic?"

"What color is the cough and the chewy?

"Red or purple."

"I think (cough, rattle, cough) I just need my bitamin and some cereal."

"What about your cough?"

"I think I will just stop (cough) coughing."

"Honey, you don't control the coughing, the medicine will help... do you want red or purple?"

"No, in a little while I will stop, I promise. I will just cover my mouth and it will not come out, see?"
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