Monday, February 26, 2007

Breaking it down for ya

30 minutes on the treadmill today! (special thanks to CG for helping me get stronger:))
20 places to choose from for lunch next time. We always have such a time choosing where to go and my dear friend forwarded me this site so we will never have to make the decision alone again. The first time I spun the wheel I got Skip Lunch, the second time Schlotzsky's, which is now closed. Things are not looking good for the future of the wheel of lunch.
10 family members in church on Saturday night. The pew was packed and the reserved for small children sign was greatly missed. My sister showed up on Friday night from Aberdeen with her 4 beautiful children and we spent the weekend enjoying each others company. We cooked and ate and she made fun of me for trying to keep the toy room clean...luv you sis. btw, I know there are only nine in the photo, my dh had to take the picture and that makes ten.9 people posing while the kids screamed "CHEEEEESE".
8 pieces of chocolate to get me through today, so much for the treadmill...
5-7 inches of snow in the backyard this weekend.4 nieces and nephews I am missing today.
3 trips to the school today to get the job done. PHEW!
2 cute pigtails on my adorable niece.1 cent still missing. Ds came out of the bathroom today and asked for a plastic knife. "I gotta cut up my poop and look for my money." he stated, matter of factly as he held out his hand. Daddy helped him dissect the specimen and when they were finished Super Boy said, "Mom, we didn't find a penny but we found some gum!" What a treasure hunt this has turned out to be.

Inspiration for this post provided by my wonderful bloggirlfriends, Susan and Karen!
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