Friday, February 16, 2007

It's 80 degrees there everyday.

This morning I participated in a field trip with about 15 preschoolers and half a dozen adults. We went to the Sertoma Butterfly House. I have been there a few times already, but it is always an awesome experience to see all those butterflies fluttering around the flight room. Dd was a little frightened of all the insects and repeatedly asked me, "did one land on me, mom?" When she was two she was so totally into seeing all of them flying around. This time, she spent most of her time(as did a few others) trying to avoid the winged beauties. I tried to get a picture of her reflex as she retreated and froze every time one came into her personal space, but I was unsuccessful. It was very warm in my long sleeve tee and hooded sweatshirt, I intentionally wore no coat, and I was sweating like a pig. A lady who was trying to push past us squashed a butterfly that was on the sidewalk. The kids were so concerned I had to pick it up and put in the foilage. Their concern was justified considering the long speech the volunteer gave us about being careful while in the flight room, I just love it when we go through a lot of trouble to prepare our children for something and then it goes exactly how we did NOT want it to go. After one butterfly funeral, a few freak out close call landings on kids who did not want them and two successful landings on kids who did, we left the warm tropical environment for the freezing cold. I think the kids had just as much fun at the McDonalds playland for lunch as they did at the warm, cozy and much less germy Butterfly House. FYI, the bugs seemed to like the color white the most, either that or they are huge IRISH fans...
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