Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sugar and Spice?

I had a few responsibilities to perform this morning (jh oral interp practice and setting up for a study group meeting) so I dropped the kids off at daycare for a few hours. I had a minute in between errands and got to watch them sliding on the big snow hill in the school parking lot. My super boy (who loves anything even remotely dangerous) was sliding down the hill on his belly and his bottom, screaming with delight as he hit the pavement. The sun was shining and the snow was glistening and I felt the urge to climb up and slide down myself. Anyway, when we got homewe had to change his clothes; snow pants aren't exactly waterproof. I was helping the super boy get dressed and while I was holding him I asked him, "What happened to my little baby boy?" He looked at me and wrinkled his forehead like he does every time he ponders something. Then he proudly exclaimed, "Baby ____ can be your baby, now." He named his newest cousin. I laughed and said that even though I loved baby____, he could never replace my super boy. He laughed too and said, "Mom, sometimes I play baby with my sister when we play house." I just can't believe how big he is. He constantly surprises me. A bit later we were sitting at the table enjoying a snack of milk and oreos when he said, "Mom, can you tell me a Jesus story?" He went and grabbed his kids Bible story book out of his room and we read a couple of chapters. I kept thinking to myself as I was reading, I wish I had more time like this with him. A few minutes later he was tormenting his sister with a water pistol.*sigh*
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