Sunday, February 11, 2007

Working 9-5, what a wonderful way to make a living.

Dh called, he forgot to tell me that a week ago he traded his Friday shift for Thursday. He wants to pick up a Wednesday or a Thursday too, since they are short. Before he left this morning I made him swear on his life that before he made ANY schedule changes he had to call me. I have a busy week planned. Last week, when I was SURE that he had most of the week off I made plans to sub on Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon (half days are my specialty). I planned to facilitate a study group on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I told a friend I could drive to a class on Thursday night. So now I have to take the kids to daycare on Wednesday and cancel my Thursday night plans since dh's shifts are 12 hours and he leaves at 6 am not to return until well after 8 pm. Taunting me, he says... "I thought you wanted a laptop, this would get us one step closer to getting one". Is doing it for the money always the right answer? Why are we so influenced by the extra cash? I wish I could say that this is an abnormal week, but it's not. It's like this all the time. We are constantly working out schedules, trying to make everything "fit". When I worked full time it wasn't any easier and on top of everything else we hardly saw each other. At least now, when he has his two days off during the week we can plan a family activity, not that we ever actually do that. It is nice knowing that we can, though. I am so jealous of those daddy's that work the 9-5 workweeks, Monday- Friday; home by supper most nights and Saturday mornings have an established routine. Makes me green with envy. I hate money.

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