Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whatever happened to a carefree snowday?

It started a little after 9 this morning and it really hasn't stopped yet. The weather man says it's falling at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour. I pushed open the screen door on the deck and measured about 3 and a half inches of the white fluffy stuff already. Pastor called and Lenten services are cancelled for tonight. There is a funeral on Friday and the family would like me to sing, the person in charge of the funeral lives a few miles out in the country and since the snow isn't supposed to stop until this weekend, they need my help once again at the church. Of course, I was scheduled to host an oral interp festival tomorrow; that has since been postponed and I am supposed to sub on Friday at the high school, too. No wonder the snow makes everybody crazy around here. I lead a study group on Wednesday mornings and the cell phones were a ringing this morning with preschool cancellations and early school releases. I think our school in town let out at 12:30. I went to pick up my kids at the daycare and they were short staff due to the weather so I stayed for a bit and I could feel the energy thick as soup in the air. The kids were antsy, the staff was busy, and the phone was ringing off the hook. I got home after 1 and I had 4 frantic messages on my machine wondering about the festival and 16 emails. It's no wonder I feel like I have OCD. It took me an hour to get everyone answered and then, exhausted, I made a pot of coffee and ate some biscotti and took a nap with my kids for an hour. I just got off the phone with dh and he is probably staying at the hospital tonight and picking up another shift tomorrow, so I am putting on the snow pants and going out to shovel...happy snow day to you!
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