Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This year makes 18 years.

Feb. 7th 1989; freshman year of high school. Right after the boys basketball game I stopped at the Irish Pub for a soda. An eighth grade girl walked over to me and presented me with a rose attached to a card that says, "Rani, will you go to the Sweet Hearts Dance with me?. R___." I said yes. The rest is history. We spent the rest of the evening driving around town in my mother's Chevy impala station wagon. I drove because he didn't have a licence yet.
He arrived almost a half an hour early for our first date. My dad is in the picture, too. He was inebriated and I think he scared the living daylights out of my date. We ended up going to prom that year, too. I borrowed the purple dress from a friend. We managed to make it through four more prom's including his senior year (my freshman year of college). I hated trying to find a dress after that freshman 15.

These are all the photos I can find tonight as I take a walk down memory lane. I can't believe it's been 18 years.
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