Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I could have kissed him...

I found a rare burst of energy tonight and spent 3 hours scrubbing my floors and bleaching the counter tops and cabinet fronts. It has been weeks (um everyone who really knows me and my exaggeration trait knows that this translates to months) since I have done this, I am embarrassed to say the least. Everything seems okay until you have a surprise visitor and they ask to use the bathroom with the tall toilet. I have a three year old boy who isn't really good at aiming while standing on tippy toes. *sigh* oh well, sometimes that's what it takes to kick my fat butt into gear and clean up the place a bit. It is truly amazing how much toothpaste gets on the floors and vanity, how do they even get their teeth clean?

Anyway I was scrubbing away at my floorboards in the upstairs bath (finishing the basement was great but now I have two bathrooms to scrub and two kitchen to sparkle)when the phone rang. I hate it when that happens. I contemplated not answering it but thought twice when I remembered dh was working at the hospital and it could be them telling me he is taking a flight in this awful blizzard weather. So, I pulled my achy old up and by the time I made it to the phone it was the 4th ring and I didn't even have a chance to look at the caller id I just pushed the talk button and while breathing heavily said,"hello".The voice on the other end simply said, "Is your father home?" I nearly busted a gut.I have never thought of my voice as sounding young, I always thought it was too deep and even a little manly on the telephone. At this particular moment I felt old and tired worn out and nothing close to young. I giggled and took the message and told the caller I was the wife not the kid. He had a good laugh and I suddenly felt my burst of energy return; long enough to finish scrubbing the one bathroom anyway.
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