Saturday, April 14, 2007

This week I learned...

do not plan an outside activity - it will snow

do not drink three cups of coffee and expect to make it through 3 hours of home visits without stopping at a convenience store to use the restroom

do not think you will not have to run out to the car, in the snow, at least once to get something you have forgotten

do not bring only 3 sheets of paper per child for a free painting project as you will run out the first day

do not use the flannelboard unless you have a lint roller present as every family has a pet that sheds

do not leave your lights on overnight - oops

do not forget to fill up with gas before you go home as there is no gas station within a 10 mile radius

do not try to make phone calls or listen to voice mails unless there are at least 3 bars present

hope that you learn from your mistakes the first week :)
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