Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pelican Watching

Early last week (hey,I am fat and tired and can't post everyday) I took the kids and a friend to see the Pelicans on Lake Vermillion. I saw them on the way to work Monday morning and immediately thought of my dd. She has been studying birds in preschool and we have been playing bird bingo and match the bird games every night. So, when I saw these 20 or so pelicans I knew it would be fun to watch them for awhile. It was a gorgeous day and we sat on the rocks and watched them fish. They swim around in circles and when they see a meal they dip their heads in and grab the fish and then their beak gets much wider,sort of an exra flap of skin, while the fish wiggles around in there. The kids thought it was amazing, so did I. The birds themselves are quite large. It was pretty cool to see them up close. Unfortunately my camera does not have a very good zoom, so the pictures don't do the amazing animals justice.I am glad we got to see them, although I think my dd's favorite part was calling daddy on the cell phone to tell him about the pelicans.
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