Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home sick for Homecoming...

(Can you believe it's a bus? She has been asking when we will move to the country so she can ride the bus to school.)

It was homecoming here this past weekend. Both of my children were in the parade, so I felt 'naked' watching all the little children pick up their candy and fill their bags. It won't be long when we have another little one again. It still seems hard to believe. I will post a picture soon of dd on her 'float' she was SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited to ride.

I, of course, could not enjoy the football game. I came down with some terrible feverish, sinusish, snottish, thingy. Only Sudafed 12 hour in combination with Tylenol and a wee bit of sleep has been helping. My ds has a bit of the bug, too. And we have been coughing. Which scares me to death. So I won't talk about it.

I have a busy week planned with dh working, dh's birthday, reading rally, doctor's appointment and subbing. I am praying for improved health and a bit of calm thrown in amongst my chaos.
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