Thursday, September 06, 2007

I really need a bandaid...

Today was a LONG (the kind of long that involves hours upon never-ending hours of watching/babysitting teenagers while they try (and keep trying no matter what) to weasel out of homework, sitting in their desks, staying awake, staying in the classroom, following any rule whatsoever)day.

I was kinda cranky when I got home. I had planned to make some wonderful homemade spaghetti sauce and from scratch bread sticks, but I had no energy. My wonderful and supportive hubby ended up using a can-opener on a 99 cent can of sauce and adding it to noodles, which tasted like an amazing gourmet meal to me; another sure sign I was cooked.

So we all sat down to a 'family', as the kids call it when all four (almost five) of us are at the table. My ds was preoccupied with something and dh finally asked him what was going on. "Well, my foot has an owie on it and it has been hurting for (and this part he really emphasized) TEN HOURS!" My dh looked at me and we both busted out laughing. Thank goodness my mouth was empty or a noodle may have come out my nostril. After a few moments of our uncontrolled giggles, my ds stood on his chair with his hands on his hips and said, "So, can I have a cool band aid, or what?" He was referring to the colored band aids I recently purchased. He has probably been searching for an owie since I took them out of the shopping bag.

I need a cool band aid, too, for my sore feet and my stretched out belly and my aching body. I wonder if they make cool band aids for mommies. I think it's called a spa day...
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