Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness and Freecycle

I have been a member of a free cycle group for at least a year now. I have given away decorations, teaching supplies, and coupons and have been lucky enough to receive much more in return. It is sometimes a hassle; setting up a pickup time, finding a vehicle to transport a large item, getting a the time I finagled my brother to help my hubby get a deep freeze which, as soon as it was plugged in blew every fuse in my house :( oops. But I have gotten lots of wonderful baby things and last night came upon the find of the year.

My brother, who reminds so much of daddy, recently moved his family to my small community. They rent a small acreage a mile from town. I love having them close by. When they moved I noticed that they were using an old couch that I bought the year we were married from president of the hospital my husband works for. I vowed then and there to search for a couch fitting for a family of four and not a waiting room. Several times I thought I had found the perfect free one. Once my brother even drove to the house and the woman had given it away already after promising it to us. That along with a terrible experience my mother had trying to find a suitable home for grandpa's dog made me almost delete my bookmark for free cycle.

Then, last night, out of the 'blue' I read this humble post...

i have a blue leather couch sitting in my garage in very good condition
if anyone is in need of it and has a truck please let me know thanks we
are also willing to transport it to someone within sioux falls city
limits thanks so much again

I think it was the sheer exhaustion from working the concessions at the ballgame for three hours on swollen feet but I responded with a quick reply - "my brother and his family are in need of a couch in good condition"...

Then this morning I find this in my inbox;
your response indicated a need we would like to give you the couch

Then a few hours later I got a phone call with directions and as I passed the information onto my brother I mentioned my gut feeling about this family seeming exceptionally kind.

Later, my brother calls me back to let me know that the couch is in pristine condition. The family was extremely nice and even DELIVERED THE COUCH 30 MILES because my brother did not have transportation until tomorrow. They are moving and gave my brother a grill and a few other items. They politely exchanged phone numbers while both families children played together in the backyard. My brother was in shock that people would be so generous and helpful. He thanked him again and again and asked me to email another thank you to the family.

Sometimes it's the little things that really open your eyes to the amazing compassion of people who love to give. As I was checking the post again I noticed the user name; the_preachers_wife2006.

I asked my brother if the man mentioned anything about being a pastor or a reverend. "Not a word." was his reply followed by, "I would be really surprised if he was".

I wouldn't, even if they had a different user name altogether.

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