Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

We knew we were in for a treat on our weekend camping trip when dh's father called and said, " when I was your age I should have fished more and played less baseball".

On Thursday the packing frenzy began and by noon we were on the road to a little campground five hours North. The weather was in the 70's when we left and when we arrived it was 20 degrees cooler and raining. We didn't pack the right clothes.

Daddy set up the campsite and before we knew it the sky was dark and it was sleepy time. The baby slept so well in the camper. It was a blessing. We had borrowed an electric heater, thank goodness, to keep us warm at night. We really needed it.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the "point" and we fished from shore every day. Friday night the clouds got dark and a mini storm took us completely by surprise. I was holding the baby in one arm and a lawn chair in the other, another chair was between my legs so it would not blow away. The strength of the wind was pretty amazing. I am not a small woman and I thought I might go with it.

The landscape was picturesque. I could only imagine the Lord's hand forming the small rolling hills and shaping the earth for the big Missouri river. It was breathtaking. It made me want to paint. Hardly any trees and just miles and miles of grassy hills along the river and highways.

The kids both learned to cast and catch fish. They caught something everyday. There were bass and walleye to keep and red carp and silver slip jack to throw back. #1 caught the biggest out of our bunch. She proudly posed with her 21 inch walleye. Dad even measured for all you fish story tellers...check out his facial expression:) I think he was a bit surprised she could reel a big fish in all by herself.Oh, we did other things than fish, I think... I just didn't take any picture of those things. Except the 'camper slide' and #3 with her new favorite toy (it's a bobber for all you non-fishing types).

Sunday was an early morning as we packed up to leave. Dad had a father's day ballgame to get home for. He pitched and the boys gained another win. Check out the Muckdog website for stats.
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