Monday, June 30, 2008

moving on up

Despite not having his uniform clean until minutes before the game started my hubby (the stud man) still managed to pitch almost the whole game before accidentally hitting two batters, oops. He came out when they were tied so he doesn't get the win (which I think is a totally bogus rule and if I had some sort of baseball boss power I would change it) but he did bring in the tie breaking run, I think :), with his totally, awesome, studly, barely fair hit, ball down the first base line, AND he looks terribly handsome in uniform...:) For more complete and less biased and probably a bit more correct stats see the website here :) Unfortunately one of our pitchers hurt his hand pretty badly while playing outfield during the game. I was sure it was his head the way he hit the fence but I am praying his hand heals quickly, because he is a daddy and needs to have healthy hands NOT so that we win districts but that would be really nice, too!

2008 Cornbelt Standings


DR Mudcats 14-0

Flandreau 13-3

Canova 9-4

Montrose 11-5

Humboldt/Hartford 9-6

DR PBR 6-8

Salem 6-8

Madison 7-9

Lennox 5-10

Colman 4-10

Harrisburg 3-11

Canton 0-13

Next game is Tuesday night at home against a non-league team, Sioux Falls and then home again Thursday against Harrisburg. Save me some nachos!

Bring it on Cornbelt!

p.s. If you are reading this chris d... I am praying for your daddy. My father in law told me he was up your way and got to golf with him. Hope the rest of the family is healthy and well. Take care and say hi to Barb and the kiddos :)

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