Sunday, June 08, 2008

At least the sun was shining.

Sanford must have some friend in high places because the weather was BEAUTIFUL for "daddy's big party" yesterday.

"Your boss must really like you to throw you such a nice party." #1 said as we entered the carnival.

My husband snorted.

We shared the parking lot of Howard Wood with only about another 35,000 people or so. We waited in lines longer than the length of the small town I live in. But, the kids had fun riding on the rides. Dh is working the night shift this weekend so we missed the morning activities and pretty much all of the "games" had given out all of their prizes by the time we had arrived. Because of our cramped schedule (dad had to be to work by 6:30) we didn't wait in line for the free supper. It was okay. There was A LOT of people there. We didn't take the baby, but a lot of people did bring strollers. I felt for them as they maneuvered that thing through the crowds of people.

Since my husband missed the concert he received both a Sheryl Crow and a Rascal Flats cd that we can listen to in the comfort of our own home.

I think it was a nice thank you to the employees and their families. A bit too many people for my own liking, but most everyone we met was happy and having fun.
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