Sunday, February 01, 2009

In way over my head

It took me four hours to get Addi down for a nap today. Nora has been going through a growth spurt and is not sleeping but for about an hour or so at a time. I am so exhausted. You should hear the things that come out of my mouth. I can't even understand it. My husband says it's 'mommy is too tired' language. I asked Gavin to 'take out the laundry' yesterday, and 'make sure it gets all the way to the garage this time,' I said. He just looked at me. Maleah gives him a look that says something to the effect of, 'she never really gets it right, Gavin, just try not to listen to her'...

My sister in law has a detached retina. WHAT!?? I can't believe it either. After some research she and her doctors concur that it is due to aspartame, you know, the sugarless stuff in soda and gum. YIKES. My sister told me years ago that it causes cancer. I promised my sil never to let my kids chew another sugarless stick.

She is scheduled for surgery sometime this week. I could use a couple of prayer warriors because she has two kids 5 and 3 and her husband, my brother, will be in charge of the household for the next few weeks while she recovers. That in and of itself is a frightening thing. She is supposed to regain her vision (the blurriness is why she went to the physician in the first place) but there is the chance that she could be blind in her left eye. They have no health insurance. She is still recovering from a broken rib which she cracked while she was coughing. I know, I think of poor Job every time I pray for them...I pray that these trials will bring them both closer to the Lord. I know He is waiting for them to ask for Him. I can't help but to hope and pray that they do.
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