Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Counting my blessings...

I came across this challenge about blessings at a wonderful blog called Holy Experience that is all about seeing beauty in your blessings.  I am thinking about joining her gratitude community and counting my 1000+ blessings. She starts her week out with a post entitled Multitude Monday. Each one of her posts reads like a chapter in a book, it's heart warming. My kids love swaying to the music on her blog. Nora is dancing right now to it as I have her site open in another window just to listen :)
I know it's not Monday, but my blessings are many everyday. Today, I am especially thankful for 4 healthy and wonderful children and a husband who loves me and my children more than I can describe in words. Sunday he spent hours constructing a tree house for them and they were so thankful, they kept calling him the "best dad in the whole world" and you know what? They are absolutely correct!

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