Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I need whatever the generic brand of Calgon is...

This whole mobile baby thing is too much.

So far today she;

  • spilled my coffee
  • tossed apples around (we picked at mom's yesterday and I had them in a bucket)
  • ate cucumbers (another bucket by the door)
  • opened a bottle of sunscreen and squeezed it out (her sister helped with this one)
  • emptied my purse and unwrapped all the Trident pieces (those orbit containers are the only way to go, babies can't open them...)
  • smooshed her face into the screen door several times
  • pulled her sisters hair and bit my toe
  • pushed open the doors to her siblings' rooms and wreaked havoc

Now tell me, how am I ever going to get the pickles done and the apples peeled?

I want to tie them both up.

Just called dad to vent and he is flying to Ann Arbor today. Wish it was me...I need a bubble bath.

Gotta go, niether of them is in view, which means T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
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