Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello faithful Mommyville readers. This is my 1064th post! Can you believe it?

I appreciate you so much I wanted to make this blog more user friendly.

I spent a few hours this morning adding page tabs on the top of the blog. Click on each page to learn more...

I finally figured out how to archive by years so my posts are now organized a bit more. If you want to look up a certain event, for example SpudFest 2009. Just click on August 2009 to bring up all the post from that month. I hope this is helpful.

I wanted to organize my cancer posts into an easier spot but I haven't quite figured out how to label everything consistently. For the time being, if you want to read cancer posts you will either have to go back to June 2006 and scroll through them by date, click on the word cancer, chemo, health care etc. in the label cloud or if you remember a word or something from a post you are looking for like "village", you can search through ALL my posts by typing that key word into the bar at the top of Mommyville (on the blogger header by the orange square with the letter B in it.

For recipes it seems I have not been consistent in labeling them, but you can always click on the label recipe or recipe's or just use the search bar and type in a key work like zucchini.

Also at the end of each post I have included buttons to share any of my posts by email, blog, Twitter, Facebook or Google buzz. Also you can leave your reaction to each of my posts anonymously :) Fun!

Thanks for hanging out with me all these years. It has been a blast. Check out the deal page for my most recent found "can't pass it up" deals.
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