Thursday, July 08, 2010


You know what July means to me?...strapped, spent, broke, overdrawn.

No matter how hard I try June ALWAYS kicks my butt when it comes to budgeting. Can't ever seem to make it last. Summer is expensive in this family.

So I have resolved that July will be NO GROCERY MONTH. I can only buy milk, eggs and bread and must live off my (frozen but plentiful) stockpile. I have done well this week, but I am already tired of defrosting. Last night was difficult because the kids were starving and I only had frozen, all beef, hot dogs that they wanted GRILLED. I cheated and nuked them first. Do you know how well really hungry kids eat? Well, I tell ya. I have never seen cleaner plates. Even with the 10 cent candies (I caved) and bought the babies at the ballgame.

No ordering out, stopping for supper when we are famished on the way home from a game or getting pizza. July will be home grilled meals and crock-pot suppers because it's too hot to turn on the oven. According to my freezer we will be eating a lot of pork :)

The only thing I think we will miss is the fruit and extra beverages, but the apple tree is coming along nicely and, although Nora may disagree, it will only be a few weeks until they are ripe enough to eat. That girl eats anything :)

Wish me luck will ya?

And any ham or sausage or pork roast recipes are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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