Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Multitudes # 411-435

holy experience

On or around every Monday I like to take some time to count my blessings. Some weeks are harder than others. My goal is to make it to 1000 blessings. At first this seemed daunting, now that I am passed 400 I am feeling like it is flying by. It has been wonderful thinking of the past week and all the amazing blessings that the Lord gifts me. It's a process that changes my attitude especially if I had a pretty tough week...once I start thinking back about all those blessings that add up so fast.

I started my Monday Multitudes on Monday November 23, 2009 (right before Thanksgiving). I hope to make 1000 by my one year anniversary date. I sure would love it if you joined me!

Thanking God for tiny blessings this week ;

little fingers sneaking butter from the dish

the same little fingers attached to hands that can open the garage freexer to get popsicles and conveniently forget to close the door

homemade meals from semi-defrosted foods

tornado sirens that give me the chance to snuggle in a very small queen bed with all four of my wonderful babies

swim parties and potlucks and chances to verbalize about SpudFest

SpudFest plans that make me feel so happy to be alive and that mark 4 years since I was told I had cancer

very tan kids from lots of pool time this summer

visits to the lake with just me and the kids and lots of people that speak Slovakian or something :)

a willing Pastor to help plan a community worship service for the SpudFest

a super mom who helps me plan the parade, actually there are a ton of super volunteers that are amazing

an awesome t-shirt design that we were so blessed to have made for us, I love my wonderful friends and their amazing talents

caillou and pbs

library cards and lots of amazing books on my want to read list

aunties who are battling the bully, praying for you Patty :)

afternoons with grandma at the farm

mosquitos that don't come out until the 8th inning (we won:))

appointments to fix a botched root canal this week, yikes

sisters who watch my littles when I don't want to drag them to the game

co-coworkers who lovingly trade with the hubby so he can play ball

macaroni and cheese breakfasts

towtruck drivers that rescue

mechanics who spend 4 days working on the truck

patience with the budget

an interesting candidate for representative
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