Friday, July 09, 2010

Recap - no groceries first week

Monday - deer cheese brats (these were way deep in the freezer) and potato salad for lunch, frozen pizza and apple slices for supper

Tuesday - tator tot hotdish and peaches, whole chicken in the crockpot and country green beans for supper with kiwi fruit on the side

Wednesday - used leftover chicken for Mornay in the crockpot served with whole wheat pasta and orange slices for lunch, grilled hot dogs and chips with salsa and cheese for supper ooops no fruit

Thursday - lunchmeat sandwiches and tortilla chips with grapes and blueberries, supper was chili cheese rice from the crockpot(not much ground beef left, this will get quite interesting) and no fruit again, we were beat and I forgot.

Friday - leftover Mornay chicken with crusty bread (last baguette from Schwans') for lunch, supper is going to be pork chops on the grill, fresh green beans from the garden and 'nuked baked taters, hopefully I will remember to serve some fruit, too we are getting low.

Snacks this week have been homemade granola bars, fruit, yogurt, sunflower seeds and string cheese...and Popsicle, of course:) I did get the kids treats Wednesday at the ballgame, they had lolly's (10 cents) and freezies (10 cents) and ice cream malt cups ($1).

Lunchmeat and fruit are almost gone. The babies already miss their juice...
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