Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Multitudes #433-463

holy experience

fresh goods from the garden

nail biting ball games

cool weather relief

cheesecake fresh from my oven

aunties who will be battling the bully, love you Pattie :)

mom's who always know what to do, no matter what

sermons that make you think and think all week long

homemade ice cream and pecan pie from church socials

life, well lived, and moving on to the mansion

camping at Grandma and Grandpa's

a great adventure when we pack a bag and just go

garage sales and thrift stores in the middle of no where

friends who can come for dinner at the last minute, nice to see you all again:)

sippee cups lost and found

fresh herbs to share

family swim time, again

popsicles dripping down tiny faces and arms and dresses

spray and wash

sunshine but not too much

bows for little heads

a parade in the works

volunteers who help all the time

patience when I need it the most

the reserve to not buy another pair of glasses

blogs of my dear friends

a week of vacation for daddy

sleeping in until 9

cars that are paid off

fresh flowers on the table

cucumbers recipes

quick healing for baseball injuries

Thank you Lord for everything.
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