Monday, December 11, 2006

Attention Shoppers!!!

My mom sent me this email this morning. I had to pass it on...



I am forwarding this on to everyone in the building. This is definitely not a hoax and something that happened in Sioux Falls last night. This happened to some very good family friends of ours so it is legit. Please be careful this weekend.


Last evening my daughter and I experienced a "flat tire" in the Shopko parking lot, (nice evening for that!). When we had the tire fixed, it was brought to our attention that this was "deliberate" and the gentleman said this was the second one that was brought in this way. The object looked like when we were kids and played "jacks", only larger and was hand made by welding it together. The object was put right behind the front passenger tire. My daughter came alone and I met her there so whoever put it there knew she was alone. They also asked us to call the police about it, and they came to talk to us. This was the 3rd one reported that night, two in the Shopko parking lot and 1 at the empire mall.

So please be careful when shopping, check behind and front of all your tires, it was silver, and about 2 ½ inches high and no matter how it landed it would always have a large pointed object ready to blow a tire. The police said to be careful as they could be predators just waiting for young ladies who may be in need of help, and then ask if they can assist.

Just a note of caution.
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