Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lessons Learned these past few days...

1. Opening presents works anytime, even when it's not really Christmas.("I guess Santa knew he had to come early since daddy is working")

2. Disney "Cars" undies trump everything.

3. Hutterite wine is good only in moderation! You know who you are... (no picture for this one, use your vivid imagination)

4. When 10 people can bowl for over an hour for only $10 it equals the new family fun activity every time we visit the in laws.

5. There is nothing easy about the Easy Bake Oven, especially when combined with less than four hours of sleep, grandma's house and an uncle that says, "Sure you can open it..."

6. I KNOW there is a good reason she bought those toys for my kids and not her own...

7. Sleep is NOT overrated when you are five.

8. Christmas is for family, food and...wrestling lessons.

9. Cousins are COOL! (kewl for you cg!)

10. We don't get together often enough.
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