Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 1st, 2007

As we woke up my son whispered to me, "Mom can we stay here forever?" He was referring to his favorite spot in the world; an aunt and uncle's place in Prior Lake, MN. They have every thing a little boy has ever wanted...a four wheeler and a trail to ride it on.
He rode that thing every moment he could, he begged whoever was around to drive him. AND, when he wasn't riding it, he was wearing that blasted helmet. I think he would have slept in it if we didn't make him take it off.
His uncle just bought a new toy, too. Dh tried that out too, jk RK!?!?
The rest of us, in between giving ds four-wheeler rides, rested the day away. Except dh, I guess, he found an axe and starting cutting up some fire wood from the shelter belt around the house for his sister's new fire pit. Dh's sister and I made a quick visit to an awesome thrifty spot called Unique, I have no idea where it is, but it is worth the drive from where ever you are. I got the kids some VHS tapes for 80 cents and enough baskets organize my entire home and drive my hubby insane. In the late afternoon, dh and his sister were still deciding whether or not to attend the Twins game, about 25 miles away. I was putting the pressure on, dh hardly ever gets to see his favorite team play in person and I knew my son would love it,too. Finally, he put his foot down and said he didn't want to go, can't help but think it was the scrambled tummy from the fair still playing a major role. So we sent him to Super Target to get some necessities for supper. A few hours later while dh was grilling, his brother-in-law came home and told us to come and watch the t.v. We stood there in that cozy family room off the kitchen watching in horror as we learned that the 35W bridge crumbled in rush hour traffic not 20 minutes ago. We watched as the cameras zoomed in on a cloud of dust and fire. The chaos of people running from cars and cement still crumbling. We watched late into the evening hearing about kids on school buses and brave rescue efforts. It was a freak accident that my own family so narrowly avoided because of the decision not to attend the game. I prayed for the families who were affected, for the rescue workers, for the first responders, for the kids in the bus. We stayed the night and left early the next morning, because I had a doctor's appointment in Sioux Falls. Things were eerily calm and quiet when we left the cities the next morning. We stopped for a paper, but the news was contradictory, 9 dead, 7 dead, 60 injured, 20-30 missing. It was still too early, we listened to NPR all the way home. They interviewed engineers, politicians, people from FEMA. Everyone was hypothesizing what may have happened. Then they lowered the death toll to 4. I was a bit shocked, "how can 3-5 people come back to life?". They continued to say that preliminary reports were only estimates and that the numbers would take days to confirm.

I walked into my ultrasound with a renewed sense of how fragile life truly is.

Suddenly finding out whether or not my unborn child has a cleft lip wasn't all that important anymore.
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