Monday, August 20, 2007

to those who drove by last evening...

For the past two or three nights I have been hearing things. Little bumps in the night have been freaking me out. DH has been on nights and I think I kind of psych myself out when he works all night long.

Anyway, last night he got off early and I told him about the noises. He rummaged around for a flashlight and couldn't find one. Finally he used one of those flicker things I use to light my candles to look into the window wells. Sure enough there was a frog in each window well. It had been trying to jump out for days and each time it hit the window, it thumped.

I need to apologize to anyone who may have been driving by shortly after midnight. (What are you doing up that late on a Sunday night in the first place?) The scene was probably quite entertaining. Me in my jammies with all the lights on in the basement holding up the blinds while my husband is out side holding a lighter trying to catch frogs in the window wells.

But I finally got me some sleep.
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