Wednesday, August 15, 2007

when it rains it...

pours, right?

I think HE figured I had spent enough time sweating the small stuff, because my ds came down with the pukes last night a couple of hours after I left him with a brand new babysitter. I was at my dh's ballgame when I got the phone call, "um, he just threw up in his room. He went back to sleep now." My head couldn't even focus on the rest of the game. Although I did make the controversial choice to stay for the last couple of innings. I couldn't help but be reminded of HIS Plan when I remembered how I struggled to find a way to get to the game without driving two cars. After much deliberation, we decided my husband would drive himself and I would follow later in our second vehicle, what a blessing to be able to walk out of the stadium after that last pitch and drive the 25 minutes home to be with my son who was just waking up to get sick again. We were up into the wee hours of the morning holding the bucket. I hope I can get some fluids down him today.

Any way the Muckdogs won again. Next game= Muckdogs vs. Redfield - AUG 17, FRI @ 6pm.
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