Friday, August 10, 2007

...maybe not the whole wide WORLD...

I have been watching my husband play baseball for about 18 years now(I should know a lot more about the game than I do:)). For the last 6 years or so I have been pregnant or bringing a baby along with me to the games, which makes for an entirely different experience altogether. The wonderful thing is I am not the only girlfriend/wife who attends games anymore AND I am not the only mommy who brings rug rats. I really do enjoy watching the games (when I am not running after the munchkins). These past few years have been particularly exciting since we have been winning in districts and playing in the state games. In 2005 we even took the State Championship! This past Sunday, my handsome hubby pitched an awesome game and took home the MVP plaque for the District Tourney Championship, as well as earning his team the Championship Title, with a little help from the other Muckdogs, of course:) When my 3 year old saw the plaque on the shelf with the shiny, gold, plastic, half baseball stuck to it he said, "mommy, is daddy the best baseball player in the whole wide world?" A little three year old...well almost four now, wisdom for ya. So, hopefully for the next whole week and a few days more I will be cheering on the Muckdogs at the Sioux Falls Stadium as they try for their second state title. They play on Saturday at 1pm. See the website for more details.MUCKDOGS WEBSITE

*photo "borrowed" from the local paper
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