Wednesday, August 29, 2007

blogger elbow?!? OUCH

For the past couple of days my left elbow has been sore. It feels like a bruise, yet there is hardly any evidence of one. I even asked my hubby to take a look at it last night, it was so sore.

Then this morning, as I sat down to the computer with my hot coffee and opened the 35 blogs I try to read daily into tabs, I leaned forward to start reading and realized that I have been setting my left arm on the edge of the computer desk. The sore part matches perfectly with the spot I was leaning on.

Hmmm, how ridiculous would I look wearing elbow pads while reading blogs at the computer?

****This blog will be temporarily interrupted by a quick weekend trip to Texas with my mother and sister. Have a super weekend everyone. I will blog back next week.
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