Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dancin and singin and movin to the music

The other night Maleah put her headphones on Addi. She immediately began walking around and dancing. I think she walked a mile that night. My amateur videographer skills will require you to turn your monitor on its side to view most of this amazing feat. But, I think it's worth it...if you can get past my laughing, and my messy house and Maleah having to follow her around the whole time...maybe it's not worth it. Why don't you just tilt your head slightly to the left, a little more...perfect, now push the play button;)

The only photos I have of little baby Nora ALONE are of her lying in her bed. Otherwise she is always in somebody's arms and that someone (any one of the other kids) is usually hamming it up for the camera, too. So here she is all on her own...wondering what in the world all that noise is outside those four tiny walls of her bassinet?
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