Monday, November 03, 2008

It ain't over

It's November, kids. But we are still celebrating the last day of October and we have been for over a week. The kids have been (and still are) dressing up and 'trick or treating' at each others bedroom doors for candy. This morning they put the one year old Addison in the stroller and 'mom and dad' (Maleah and Gavin) went to the store to 'buy candy for the trick or treaters'. They made a haul on Friday night. It was beautiful here and the little spooks were out in full force. I was out of candy by 8 pm. The local family diner had a haunted house and free supper. Dh's sister took the kids and they had a ball. I had this adorable felt treat bag for Addi to use but she demanded a plastic pumpkin like her older brother and sister. She is stubborn. have. no. idea. where. she. gets. it. My husband jokes that the smaller you are around here the more apt you are to get your way and fast.

*You may have noticed I used names, I am tired of calling my little ones numbers. I am putting it all out there, laying my cards on the table so to speak. The new baby is Nora, by the way.
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