Sunday, November 30, 2008

Take three hundred and sixy two...

I tried, unsuccessfully, to snap an informal photo for Christmas cards.

I may be biased, but I think I have really cute kids. They just aren't very good at all being cute at the same time. Eyes closed, eyes open, one smiles, one is crying, all are crying, my hat itches, I am hungry, why do I have to, what are we doing, can I have a fruit snack...this is nuts. I know why people pay photographers for this sort of thing, only I am not sure I could emotionally handle a photo shoot right now. I think I will just send a link to my blog and say if you want to see the kids look here. Merry Christmas.

My sister was home this weekend. It was super great and wonderful. I miss her so much. She held the baby and put her to sleep and I actually folded laundry. We visited all day together. I felt so blessed. My bathroom even got cleaned, but that is another story.

I wanted to go to Crooks to visit the Christmas house that helps the Make a Wish foundation. I had really good intentions. But, we had a full family meltdown at suppertime and it just wasn't going to happen, maybe another night?

great grandkids

Lester and the girls

Making apple turkeys at Grandma Bonnie's.
Baby Nora makes an even dozen grandkids (I have two brothers and one sister) with the oldest being 10 years.
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