Wednesday, November 05, 2008

small stuff

I haven't showered since Saturday night, nor vacuumed. I keep thinking I WILL when the girls are sleeping or when I get a free moment. I thought that yesterday was going to be a day of free moments.

Ryan, on the other hand, showered three times yesterday. Now that may seem selfish, but he was also gone from the house 9-7 except to shower. The pager went off early calling the volunteer fire men to a house fire. They thought they had it out a couple of times, but it kept flaring up on them.

I finally went the local store last night around 7:45, right before closing. The owner checked me out and she worried that my husband may have had to go to work after fighting the fire all day. "Nope" I replied. She said she felt awful that the family wasn't able to get more things out. Every time they thought the fire was extinguished and gave the all clear to go in, another smoke stream or spark would show up and they would have to evacuate again. "I just feel bad about the snow globes." she said. I looked at her with a funny look. She explained to me that the family had been collecting the globes for their 5 year old daughter. It must have been quite a collection.

I said to her that we should be happy that no one was home and no one was hurt. Things can be replaced, I said. She shook her head and said not all things. She's right. Photographs, first baby shoes, records, collectibles. This is all small stuff; like a shower or a freshly vacuumed floor. Small stuff that matters but we can live without them, can't we?

When Ryan came home for supper and we prayed, he prayed a prayer of thankfulness for the house over our head and the safety of our family. Little stuff we so often take for granted. I thanked God for a busy home full of life so full that it often doesn't leave time for small stuff like showers, naps, and cleaning. What a blessing in disguise!

While I was out of the house for a few moments, I delivered a box of clothing and pajamas for the family. I hoped it would help with the night and the next few days, anyway. It was a small gesture but enough to make a difference, I hope.
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