Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

It was a long night. Every night lately has been the same. It's wearing on me and my family.

Early this morning I took Nora into the shower with me. I held her tiny body and massaged her cradle cap and her tiny arms and legs until she was completely relaxed and sleepy. I thought about how wonderful she is and how blessed I am and tears came to my eyes.

At 7:30 my mom called. She said that her mom would always sing to her on her birthday and so she sang to me. She said she felt foolish. I cried.

Maleah got up early and came downstairs to wish me a happy birthday. She presented me a handmade card with a rainbow and hearts that said I love you mommy. She also sang to me. I hugged her close and cried again.

I logged on this morning, which is pretty special in and of itself, and I tried to read my dear friends blogs but my eyes were all misty so I gave up.

Today I get to vote for life. If I can dry my eyes up enough to make it to the polls, that is...

My older kids are all caught up in the election. Maleah says she is voting for John "Michael" because he likes tacos and has lots of pets. Gavin is a "Rock" Obama fan. He just likes saying the name, I think. But the fact that he plays basketball can't hurt much.

Dry your eyes and get out today and vote. It's my birthday and I'll make time.

See you at the polls ;)
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