Monday, February 16, 2009

a God stop

I've been working on this grant. My brain loves to wrap itself around these things. Get into it and get it done. I emailed and researched and wrote and emailed and re sized photos and networked. Then I went to submit and realized that I had neglected to complete the second half of the project.

Curse, curse, cursity, curse, curse! I volunteered for this project and now I am going to have to go back and tell everyone I failed because I am forgetful and my brain cannot do things that require anything more than changing diapers, filling bottles and helping a first grader do homework.

Then I see it.

On the page where you are supposed to submit your completed application there is a text box that reads, "Canada and U.S. application deadline has been EXTENDED!" Then I check my email and get a message from the company with the details.

PRAISE THE LORD! I am really sorry for cursing. PRAISE THE LORD!

I have one more week to procrastinate.

BONUS! I have a super awesome friend and a super awesome neighbor that are helping me create one super awesome creative submission. If we don't get this grant I will eat a banana... and I HATE bananas.
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