Thursday, February 05, 2009

one foot in front of the other...

Little Nora has officially graduated to 6 month size outfits. She is eating well. She is still working on the sleeping through the night thing.

Addison, being the older sister by 11.5 months, is hitting a slew of milestones. Today, she crawled DOWN the steps to the basement for the first time. She is taking one nap a day now and she asks for milk by using sign language. She can also say 'please' and 'more' using baby signs. Growing up in a house with older siblings is tough. Appropriate things for a 5-7 year old are deathly dangerous for a toddler. So, she has learned the word "no", and the consequences of ignoring it. She will point her finger and shake it right back atcha, but she won't touch the scissors if you tell her 'no'. She can successfully take her socks and her diaper off. She can climb pretty much any chair or end table. She will throw things away if told to do so. We started potty training a little. I started by giving her a chocolate chip every time she sat on the chair because she was afraid of it. She now sits when asked to and eats her chip, stands up and pees on the floor. I am still ironing out a few wrinkles in that lesson. She loves to pick up things and put them away, especially if they go in baskets or containers. Right now she is at my feet putting the pens in and out of the can I use to store them. I am pretty proud of her accomplishments. She is starting to initiate dressing herself so today when I was folding the laundry, which she loves to put in and out of the baskets, she promptly took out an item and put it over her head. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was a pair of my underwear. At least we laugh a lot around here. It's good for you. Go out and get yourself a toddler, they're good for your soul.
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