Friday, February 27, 2009


This is the first Friday my hubby has had off in 6 months. YEAH! I am so happy that I can't even feel the headache from lack of sleep today:)

Dad got home at 8 this morning and we were all jammin' to the tens rap that the first graders do. It was quite a sight. Everyone dancing and singing in the kitchen. I think daddy thought we were all a little crazy.

Got weekend PLANS for the first time in a long time. We are gonna go on a DATE on Saturday night, mom is watching the kiddos. We thought about a movie, but I would be tickled to just go to Sam's without the kids, we'll see.

I am so thankful today. SO THANKFUL! Praise the Lord! Thank you for your blessings.

God will praise each one of them. 1 Cor 4:5
From my Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado

What an incredible sentence. God will praise each one of them. Not, "the best of the them" nor a few of them" nor " the achievers among them," but " God will praise each one of them."
You won't be left out. God will see to that. In fact, God himself will give the praise...And what's more, the praise is personal!...Awards aren't given a nation at a time, a church at a time, or a generation at a time. The crowns are given one at a time. God himself will look you in the eye and bless you with the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" (Matt 25:23)

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