Tuesday, February 17, 2009

where in the world is the cumin?

This morning as a made a shopping list I checked the spices for cumin. There was a thin layer of the yellowish powder in the tiny jar that just wouldn't add up to the two teaspoons necessary for my white chili.

I went about the morning. I quick soaked some navy beans. I made some dough for french loaves and did some laundry and dishes. I ran to the store and bought the cumin,or so I thought, and about 30 other things.

Soon the time came to assemble the chili. I chopped the onions the celery.I made some chicken broth from bouillon. I put the frozen sweet corn and the green chilies. I searched for the cumin. I didn't remember putting it away with the other groceries. Did it even make it to the checkout counter? It probably fell on the floor. Oh, well at least I have a small dusting to use. I went to the spice cabinet. No cumin. I looked on the counter, no cumin. I searched the laundry room, the bathroom the living room. No cumin, back to the spice cabinet. Can I substitute with curry? Nah. How about chili powder, not if I want white chili...

I opted for a few squirts of Tabasco sauce. Hope it tastes okay.

I can't for the life of me find that !@#$ cumin.

What a fiasco.
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