Wednesday, February 25, 2009

reverse psychology

Addison plays in the basket of hats and mittens everyday. She takes them out, tries them on, carries them around the house. I am constantly finding a mitten in the weirdest of places (the potty chair).

So today I figured, why fight it? I took the basket down from the shelf and put it on the floor, smack dab in the middle of the room.

She never touched it. She walked circles around it. She avoided it at all costs. I wonder if I put my computer in the middle of the living room, would she stop turning it off while I am posting?

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I took the baby out and we sat in the sun. The sun was so warm it warmed her skin and for a moment I wondered if her tiny head would be burned. It was wonderful. Addison was SO EXCITED!

Completely unrelated but confoundedly interesting;

There are two major hospitals in our area. The one my husband works for, Sanford, and a Catholic hospital, named Avera. On the local news last night Avera announced a system wide pay cut. Dh's little sister called and said her pay was reduced by 5%. Is it a statement? I only wonder because Dh is so busy at the hospital this time of year. He can work seven or eight 12 hour shifts in a row, with incentive pay for every night/weekend/extra shift he picks up. Normally there are around 10 therapists on and they have been working with at least a dozen. I just can't imagine that Avera isn't busy. I wonder what Sanford will do, if anything, to counteract?
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