Sunday, April 05, 2009

April snow brings what? May mud, I think.

6.5 inches of snow (see tree photo and video)
1 four wheel drive vehicle stuck on the closed interstate
1 husband a little late for work
2 older kids happily occupied for
2 days with
1000 legos (see photos)
2 crockpot meals (veggie meatloaf and Greek chicken and potatoes)
1 batch of puppy chow made
12 cups of blue jello with sea creatures made for preschool(ocean theme this month)
5 loads of laundry completed
1 meal of octopus and squid eaten (hot dogs and noodle rings)
12 or so emails to my college roomie in KS during the storm (actually she is the one who alerted of the blizzard!)
lots of tummy time (see photo)

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