Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rainy days...

We had a bit of a crisis today when Gavin purchased a new refrigerator for his Webkinz and then accidentally placed the fridge in front of the bathroom door and locked his pet inside. Whew! Thank goodness Maleah knew how to use the map and remove items. Gavin was sure his pet was a goner.

I subbed today and volunteered to monitor the indoor recess which is held in the old gym. I don't think I will ever do that again unless I am forced to. Almost 50 kids let loose in a small room screaming and running everywhere. The noise was deafening. I had to ask a child to speak up three times before I realized he needed to use the restroom. It was the hopping and holding of the privates that finally convinced me, not his words. I couldn't hear a thing for hours.

I wore the wrong shoes again today. My feet are killing me. I think I may be allergic to exercises. Every time I actually get out and walk a bit, my feet hurt. Not the bottom, but the top of my feet. It feels like they are sprained or something. The pain is real. I feel dumb saying anything. I would blame it on the heels today, but I wore running shoes (ha, like I could ever really run) the other day on my walk and the next morning I had the same terrible pain in my feet. I don't have a clue what is causing it. Must be my old age and extra plumpness. My hip joints aren't what they used to be either. If I sit for an extended amount of time, man do I ache when I get up to move. I may as well get the walker out.

The rain today greened everything up. It sure was a pain to get to school this morning in the sheets of wet stuff but, man, is it beautiful out there now. My grass is so green it looks like someone colored it with a crayon. Nuts, and it was snowing just a few days ago.

When I can't get my hair up in a clip I know it's time to get it thinned. Most people get their hair cut every few months, I get mine thinned out. I called yesterday and she had a spot for me today. I feel lucky she could get me in so quickly. I may go out and buy myself a powerball ticket. So, after school got out early today for teacher in service I trucked my butt in to the salon. When I got home, Ryan asked my why I drove 60 miles for a haircut. I asked him why he drove 20 miles last night for a can of chew.

We had the same thing for supper tonight as we did last night (oh, the horror)I made enough meatloaf and cheesy potatoes to feed an army last night. AND, I used raw potatoes instead of frozen hasbrowns in the casserole. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. I cooked the casserole for an hour and a half and the potatoes still weren't done. So last night we nuked portions for our supper and I cooked the rest of the pan again tonight. Next time I will mostly cook the potatoes before assembling the dish. They were perfect tonight, though. So was the meatloaf. Leftovers rule.

That's enough rambling for tonight, I am getting a little too sassy. Besides Addison has one whole leg scribbled on with a pen.

Must get back to being a mommy.
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