Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not gonna happen.

I felt bad for my sil the other day when she tried to photograph Addison. Addison was non-compliant, in a big way.

So when the school sent home the flyer for spring photos I jumped on the chance to get a professional shot of all the kiddos. This company has a family policy where the first two packages are full price and the rest are free! You know I am all about a good deal.

I even went to the $100 store yesterday to get the girls new onesies and spring colored shirts for the older kids. I splurged. I felt guilty.

So this morning I get up plenty early to get every one spiffy. Maleah is not feeling well, I take her temp. Well, I'll just take her for photos and she can come home and rest. The rest of the kids are all ready.

We get there. Maleah takes a photo, fever and all. Addison cries. Gavin takes a photo. Addison screams. Nora takes a photo, not smiling but not crying at least. Addison runs for the exit crying and screaming. As if the backdrop and the photographer are big scary monsters.

We try again for a shot with all the kiddos. Addison clings to her father for her dear life. We give in. We pack them all up and take them home. I feel defeated. Dad feels bad for me and tries to get a shot of Addi at home. This is what he gets.

Gavin goes to preschool. Nora goes in the jumper. Maleah goes to bed. Addison goes to bed. It is 8:45 am. I go crazy.

That is what I get for being cheap, I guess. Wonder if I learned my lesson or will I attempt this again next year?

Sheesh. I need chocolate.
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