Saturday, April 04, 2009

the quiet is too loud

Last weekend the kids played outside all day.

This morning we awoke to a simple, but persistant snowfall. It's actually a blizzard.

I put the legos out and the kids played nonstop for 4 hours. Then they were tired and crabby. So I put them to bed.

Meanwhile the babies were tired and crabby, too. So I put them to bed. Addi slept. Nora whined. I picked her up. We rock-a-byed.

It got real quiet, quiet enough for me to almost hear the snow falling.

Presently, it's coming down in medium sized flakes forming small swirling tunnels and when the wind picks up it swirls really fast making a barely transpapent curtain like shape until the breeze passes.

The quiet is almost deafening. I can hear cars driving by, the clock ticking, the slow and unsteady breathing of my 5 month old. I can hear the buzz of the kitchen lights and my computer. It is a very unfamiliar sound, the quiet.

I half expect Ryan to wake up because of all this non-noise. He is sleeping because he is working the night shift this weekend.

I hope the blizzard comes fast and big so he cannot make it into work and we get snowed in and can eat and watch movies all night.

Just wishful thinking, I guess.
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