Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am not really a Yankees fan, but the stadium is cool.

Isn't it funny how things affect you differently after your life, well, for lack of a better word, happens.

I saw Joel Olsteen in person a few years back and I thought he was okay. When he cried at the end of the night, I felt it was a little too convenient. But, I enjoyed the message.

When I saw Joel and Victoria Olsteen on the morning show this weekend talking about this event they were having at Yankees stadium I thought to myself, I might like to see that.

It was a sheer accident that I turned on the tube just as the event was about to start. I watched most of it live and dvr'ed the end. For the record, he cried at the end again.

I was shocked at how many similarities his message had to Beth Moore's Believing God. Check out this video at about the 4:55 second mark. Interesting, huh?

If you have time you can listen to the entire night here.

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