Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to make lemonade, by the Gavinator

Gavin made lemonade at preschool today, when I asked him how he did it, this is what he said.

First go to the store and buy lemons.

When you get home use the lemon in a bottle 'cuz you don't have the squeezer thingy.

Get an ice cream a bucket.

Fill it up with water, about 30. (Mom, "30 what?") cups.

Put it in the fridge for 5 seconds or maybe 15.

Take it out.

Then you put the lemon in a bottle in the ice cream bucket, just pour it for this long. Count to 5 when you pour it. Then stop pouring.

Get the sugar. Pour it in. Two scoops. FULL scoops. Then you stir it up for 5 seconds or until it stops crunching.

Okay, go back to pouring it in. When you pour it in you have to stir it. It has to be a good stir, 'cuz when you pour it in the cup it goes on the table.

Then you put the scooper in and take some juice out and put it in a cup.

If you want you can put a lemon on the side of your cup.

Then drink it, or you can buy straws and go to make a lemonade stand.

Go around the corner and down the hill. Go to the store for a large box.

Get a piece of paper.

Make the stand. Build it. Put it up. All people will come and have a drink.

Somewhere good where people will come, like at the park or something.

That's all I know.
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