Friday, April 24, 2009

Where oh where did my little week go?

Where oh where could it be?

Yesterday, Addison and I put markers in and out of a box for a half an hour. I thought for a minute or two how boring other people might think it was to sit on the floor and put markers in and out of a box. But, you should have seen her delight. I hardly ever let her play with markers (see this). She was so happy to be able to touch them and every time she took out one she would take the lid off and look at me and smile and put the lid back on. Then she got lazy and took the lid off and handed me the marker and then handed me the lid. She did this over and over and I think she was just gosh darn happy to have my full attention and a 12 pack of stuff that was normally 'off limits'.

That only took about 30 minutes out of it, but the week sure did zoom by. Ryan has had in service most of the week so he has been gone. The weather has been too hot to take the babies out or too cold or too windy. I tell ya, blink and it'll change.

I did get some fun garage sale-ing in. I got an umbrella for our patio table for $5, now we can eat supper without the sun glaring in our faces. I got some good clothing finds for the babies, nothing over a buck. Nora got some cool toys that I put in the wash. She is just starting to play with things. I found some cool kids books that I have been wanting to read, one by Katie Couric, "The Blue Ribbon Day" and another by Henry Winkler, "Holy Enchilada". I also found one inspired by The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren that looks pretty cool, it's called "Made for a purpose." The big kids got to spend a dollar of their own. A dollar still buys a lot, you know?

I bought some seeds, finally. I planted them in containers. I am having an herb garden this year. I hope it's successful. I know some of us are better at this planting thing than I am, but I am excited, none the less, and hoping for at least something to help me make yummy salsa and tomato sauces. I am buying tomato plants, unless I get some given to me (hint hint). I also started some green and hot peppers from seeds.

The kids and I planted flower seeds. Not sure if they will even come up. Last night when I was cleaning some of the outdoor toys and chairs, Addi decided to borrow the hose and water my pots. The dirt was swimming by the time I caught her. Oh well:)

The garden is tilled up and I would like to get the peas and carrots out this weekend. It sounds like rain tomorrow so I am not sure if it will get done.

The kids got to go to the circus. Their aunt and and cousins took them last night.
They had a blast. They brought home a ton of cheap plastic toys that will be in the trash by Sunday.

I got mad at my fat and packed up 4 trash bags of clothes the other day. I dropped them off at the thrift store. I just want to get back to my normal fat and not be extra fat, is that too much too ask? I tried to walk away the pounds yesterday and ended up getting 16 minutes in before Nora woke up screaming. Sigh. I need a nanny, a housekeeper and a personal trainer, for free.

Tomorrow is our 11 year anniversary. Seems like just yesterday I was trying on wedding dresses and picking out colors. It's been quite a ride, and we're picking up speed. Hopefully we'll be able to stop and spend some time together soon to celebrate. Maybe I can email him or send him an e-card?

I really need some chocolate, but I shouldn't. I'm dieting...sort of. I am trying not to eat all the chocolate in one day, at least.
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