Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's play pretend

Yesterday afternoon was a busy one. My niece showed up at my door at about 4 and I had forgotten that my sister had scheduled a hair appt. here in town. So I made snacks and supper for them. Then Mom stopped by. I went to show mom the new power washer and it was GONE! I was here all day, except for the few moments I took the kids uptown to get the mail from our box. I called my husband and freaked, I called his brother, I called his uncle. My son was tugging on my leg while I was making these calls and finally I said, "What?" to him and he said, "mom, the wasir is in the twailer". He has been hauling things to the trailer all week, my husband said he had the whole thing full of wood pieces and tools. We laughed so hard we cried and I had to call everybody back and apologize for freaking out. It was so funny.

All night I listened to him playing and come to find out, he re-enacts the entire previous day each time he plays. Last night he played "ballgame" He got his bat and ball and helmet out and played, then he drug a cooler in the backyard and had a beer, "it's just 'tend mom," he said. My daughter played the part of me, she drug around two babies and told them "no candy and if you run on the road it's not safe and you'll have to sit in time out". My husband and I wished we had a video camera.
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