Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who's turn is it?

On Monday or Tuesday of this week our washer quit working. I had an immediate need to do laundry because my husband plays amateur baseball and needed a clean uniform. With a town full of relatives I was sure to find someone whose washer I could borrow. First call, no one home. Second call, YES! My husband's uncle was home and said I could come over. I hung the uniform out to dry not an hour later. One day later I found my self in the same predicament. We had planned to go and purchase a new washer, but my husband got called into work. So, back on the phone I go. First call, "Um, hi, I already bothered other relatives, now it's your turn?" I hope this cycle ends soon, I only have two more relatives to bug and one lives in an apartment building.......I would have to pay for my wash there....
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